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  Its Sunday, and as usual, i did nothing but lay around and go to work. the family went to church. i went to work at 3 so there really wasnt much i could do. and my mom picked me up LATE! nite! ooo....lacey called me and she's home...she didnt have a very fun cruise.  
  Just got off work...and my dad is making me sick! He's so stupid! Well, i did nothing but sit at home all day and then went to work. It was a lazy Saturday 
  Well, i got home from school and there were like 10 calls from Subway on there. Last nite Kat told me i was gonna be "on call" and my response was "i have plans!" which i do.. i just got back from Cuco's with a big group...then we went to Sarah's to sit by a fire. it was fun. anyway, i called her today and she said the owner, robbie, was gonna work...and that he was PISSED at me. SHE TOLD HIM THAT I WAS GONNA BE ON CALL. i NEVER agreed to that! come to find out, christina came in anyway. so the owner didnt work! oh well. i cant worry about stupid shit! 
  Forgot to post last nite...so i'll write today for last nite. i was invited to a bday party for Heidi at Cuco's, so of course im going! I ordered cable internet today! YAY! i cant believe it! its soo exciting! I'VE GOT YOUR NOSE! haha! i love that scene from Freddy vs. Jason. well, that's really all...i worked last nite...and kat told me that i was "on call" for friday...which to me meant "im not answering the phone". nite 
  No school today! Yipee! Well, I called Greyhound and she made out a report for my many complaints...some of which she said "Didnt pertain to me". Oh well, she said they would look into it and reply to me via snail mail in 10 days. nothing was said about a refund although she did ask how much i had paid for a ticket. i also called oriental trading cause of the stupid tiger computer thing i bought...it keeps breaking...already got a replacement and the repl. did the same thing. i got a $10 certificate after paying only $2.95! So that's good! ........Well, im home from work...and im tired. i havent worked in a week...but i got paid $20 cash to take someone's shift cause she didnt feel good! wow! $20! that's an exciting thing. nothing eventful...just napped the rest of the day! nite! 
  Well, im home! i had the most horrible bus ride of my life! first the bus was an hour late this morning! bad sign...cause after that we were 20 mins late the whole entire day...and to make matters worse, the bus smelled like someone took a piss all over the seats!!!! On top of that we got lost a few times... the bus driver said "I dont remember this route, does anyone know where the bus stop is?" I was like OMG! I am calling Greyhound tomorrow morning...perhaps i'll get all or some of my $70 back? well, that's all! i just spent 11 hrs on a piss smelling bus....nite! (sorry no post last nite...got home a lil late and went to bed). also, to make matters worse, i found out that my dad got fired!! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LIVE NOW! ALL I KNOW IS HE HAD BETTER FIND A NEW JOB QUICK!  
  First blog ever! Here goes! I woke up this morning tired from attending my sister's wedding last nite...it was fun and beautiful! My parents left this morning, but I decided to stay and visit with my sister until Tuesday night. I'll come home on a bus! I LOVE BUS RIDES! Tomorrow is a big day....buy bus ticket...return tuxedos....bring dress to dry cleaner...ETC! I'll be leaving here tues morning. I'll try to update everyday! 
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