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  ...just got off work! not much to say, but im taking christina's spot on sunday so she can go to the beyonce concert that jade won tickets to! well, have a great nite! im going to bed... 
  hi! didnt do anything today...i was off! just came home and ate lunch...we inspected my car a little more and found that there is no gas coming out of the fuel line. so mb the pump is bad or clogged? o well. i need a mechanic! :-( 
  i just got back from work! it was a pretty slow nite. i forgot my shirt in there though! grandmother came and got me after church and took me to copeland's! YUM! then we went to jim and maxine's house where i learned how to play spades! FUN! she brought me to work! i finished my bathroom! its great with yellow accessories! we bought yellow spray paint today and painted the light switch, shelves, towel rack and toilet seat! nite! 
  hello! i just got back from work. it was a good nite...not busy, just how i like it! i found out that we hired a new girl!!! and she is supposed to work at nite! HOW! we already have enough nite people! oh well, if my hours get cut then that means NEW JOB! me and mom finished painting the trim in my bathroom...now we need to put a second coat! nite! 
  i just got back from seeing starsky and hutch at the movies. it was FUNNY! me, sarah, heidi, and brooke also ate at golden dragon before the show. it was, of course, delicious! a pretty uneventful day except me and sarah went eat at raising cane's! gotta love them chicken fingers! well, nite! 
  well, i stayed home from school today...i was sick....mb a virus. i also had to cancel my appt with the CF fundraiser lady, and i didnt go to the party. oh well. i needed rest i guess. tomorrow is friday so that means the weekend which means no school! 
  Well, i got home from school feeling terribly sick! omg! its horrible..i even called in at work. good nite! 
  i got roadrunner internet installed today! its sooooooo fast! how could i have lived without it!!!?!?!?!?!??! im too excited to write! 
  HEY! Well, i went to walmart and bought lime green paint....im painting my bathroom! omg! its sooo bright...its like a movie studio! well, that's fun and now im high from the paint smell. we also went on another nicholls tour today. it was BETTER than last time. we actually went in the library! and we went into other buildings! kool!!! nite! 
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